2 Replies to “Today’s Ommmmm”

  1. Okay then…there is a 21 Day Meditation with Deepak Chopra and Oprah, that started 5 days ago that I wanted to do. I haven’t because these past two weeks have been extra crazy busy and even though it’s probably just what I need, I can’t settle down enough to do it in the morning. My mind and body feel like they’re on hyper-drive right now. It’s funny(not so much) because a month ago everything was fine and dandy, then BAM! I feel it’s partly Spring coming, life bubbling forth, Don’s hurt his knee, Cole going through growing changes all around and all the myriad of extra daily activities. Does this ring a bell? So I’m saving the daily meditations for another time, when things settle down. Because they will, I will. Of course, I haven’t done the last round of Mediations Deepak did either. Sigh! :~)

    My love to you!

    I’m glad you’re meditating!

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