It is my honor and privilege to teach prenatal yoga and hold space for all you mamas bringing life to this world. There are so many benefits to practicing yoga during your pregnancy. The first of which is gathering in a space where you are with other pregnant mamas!

Throughout class, I offer you gentle warmups (and some more energetic stretching) that is specific to your pregnant body. Taking special care with certain muscles and supporting your joints and ligaments that are loose and especially flexible at this time.

In each class I provide postures that will nourish your changing body and give you increased strength, flexibility, & peace of mind.  Each class includes focused breathing, meditation, and stretching – all great tools to improve sleep, reduce stress and address specific issues that many pregnant women face. Every class includes pelvic floor exercises that can aid in childbirth and postpartum recovery.

We also work on leg strengthening for labor and delivery, breathing techniques to use now and during labor and mental exercises that help you work with any negative voice within that says “I can’t”, because of course, you can!

I still have dear friends I met while pregnant and it is my hope that you will find and form lasting community in class.

I am so grateful to have practiced prenatal yoga with Roxanna throughout my pregnancy. She always came prepared with a plan, but was responsive and adaptable to whatever my body and mind needed on a given day. She pushed me just the right amount physically and helped me connect more deeply to my baby and my body during each practice. Roxanna has an incredibly calming, joyful, and nurturing presence, and I felt lighter physically, mentally, and emotionally after practicing with her.” -Stacy H.  Lafayette, CA

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