About Roxanna



Roxanna Kopp Smith, MA, is a skilled coach and counselor.  Her specialty is compassionate listening with quick assesment.  Clients experience powerful shifts in just a few sessions.  Roxanna’s lens is unconditional love (with humor) and holds the belief that there is nothing inherently “wrong” with anyone.  Under this umbrella of acceptance, incredible transformation is possible. Roxanna is an avid believer that we all have a light to shine in this world and it is her profound joy to help people find theirs and shine it brightly!

Roxanna is also a group facilitator, retreat leader and yoga & meditation teacher. She has a gift for teaching meditation practices that bring people present. She breaks down the sometimes elusive concept of Presence and shares easy, practical tools to use daily for maximum profound impact.

With over two decades of experience facilitating groups, Roxanna’s passion for working with others, creating heart-opening experiences, and her dedication to sharing her knowledge, make the retreats and workshops she leads powerful invitations for transformation.

“Roxanna is a wise and gifted healer and soul! Her gentle guiding voice, compassion and beautiful heart are a pure gift that she shares to help others find their true light and love of their own special self!” – Rebecca N.

In her free time, Roxanna swims, hikes, cycles and spends time with her almost-grown up children.

enLIGHTened India, 2020 will be her 7th trip to India.


4 Replies to “About Roxanna”

  1. hi lightworker… so i finally get to hear your voice again… lovely journey for you to be on… keep passing on the light blessings

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