About Roxanna

“It’s all in the heart” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram, Rishikesh India

The purpose of life is to Love.  Unconditionally.  Starting with ourselves.  When you work with me, you will learn about self-love and look at the emotions/beliefs that get in the way of loving yourself unconditionally.   I share tools that support you in keeping your heart open and techniques to guide you in opening the heart even more. I support you to go deep, and do intentional work for a more meaningful life.

There is so much buzz on the internet about “self-love” but the true definition and practice of it can often feel elusive and confusing.  Our culture teaches us to look outside of ourselves for the “quick fix” to feel better.  The bad news is there is no external solution to feeling comfortable within our own skin.  The GOOD NEWS is that we can start any time, any where, and begin to love ourselves right now.  How do you do this?  By starting with stillness.  Going within.  Self-Care practices.

My work is concentrated to go deep and facilitate you having a beautiful and quick shift from simply existing to loving yourself completely and totally – radically impacting all areas of your life, rippling out to others.  When we send out that high love vibe, it’s only natural that it comes back to us.  We’ll start by focusing that vibration on ourselves.

“Roxanna is a wise and gifted healer and soul! Her gentle guiding voice, compassion and beautiful heart are a pure gift that she shares to help others find their true light and love of their own special self!” – Rebecca N.



One of the most profound experiences Roxanna has had in adulthood (other than giving birth to two gorgeous souls) was witnessing a friend’s journey through brain cancer.  It was an intense and intimate experience that led her to become a ‘vigil volunteer’ through hospice and also to co-faciliate grief support groups.  With over two decades of experience facilitating groups, Roxanna’s passion for working with others, creating heart-opening experiences, and her dedication to sharing her knowledge, all combine in the retreats and workshops she leads.  enLIGHTened India, 2019 will be her 6th trip to India.

Roxanna is the founder of LOVELUTION! – a love revolution – which is a movement that supports self-care and unconditional love of self and others.  Her specialty is teaching about self-love and breaking this deceptively simple concept down into easy, practical tools to use daily for maximum profound impact.  She is an avid believer that we all have a light to shine in this world and it is her profound joy to help people find theirs and shine it brightly!

Roxanna has an MA in Psychology and is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher.  She is also trained as a RYT-200 Hatha Yoga instructor.  In her free time, Roxanna swims, hikes, cycles and roams about the world as often as possible.

“Living and dying are two courageous acts and I believe we must become fully present in order to do both well.” – Roxanna  



4 Replies to “About Roxanna”

  1. hi lightworker… so i finally get to hear your voice again… lovely journey for you to be on… keep passing on the light blessings

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