“When Roxanna leads a retreat she has a way of energetically holding the entire trip, every person and every detail with care. She gives space to the participants to allow them to go deep into the energy while knowing and feeling her calming presence. Roxanna has a unique gift of being completely present in each moment and still energetically holding the bigger experience and each participant. Roxanna leads with grace, authenticity, inspiration and a calming power. Her presence, leadership skills and ability to navigate are unparalleled.”  – Melanie S.

Self Care & Self Love

How often do we hear the words “Self Care”?  We know we are supposed to put our own oxygen mask on first, but how often do we do it, really?  The word ‘retreat’ means a place you can go to restore oneself, to get away from it all.  To nourish yourself;  mind, body and soul.

I often ask my clients, “What advice would you give to a friend right now if they were in your position?” and they will answer things like “Take a break.  Go easy on yourself.  Give yourself permission to cancel that event you don’t want to go to.  Get a massage.”  Then I ask them to say this to themselves, as a beloved friend.  Usually there are tears, as they realize they are the last person on their list to take care of.

I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent.  Caring for myself is an act of survival.  -Audre Lord

Whether you are looking to get away from it all and be held in a nurturing space of healing, or you would like to spend time doing some deeper intentional work in a beautiful therapeutic setting, a retreat may be just the thing to nourish your self:  body, mind and soul.

I offer a variety of retreats:  personal, partner, small group and larger group.

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Group Retreats

Studies have shown that a group has the power to magnify growth & healing exponentially.  My group retreats are held in beautiful spots that invite one to relax and restore.  Retreats are holistic in nature; focusing on the body, mind and soul.  Each retreat is different in its focus but all of them are invitations to step into relationship more intimately with yourself and others in a safe and loving environment.



“I have travelled to India twice with Roxanna. I love India. More than my pure love for India is the deeper transformational experience I have with Roxanna while there. Roxanna is a woman who holds the space of divinity through ritual, cultural immersion and her own highly attuned self in service to all that she touches. She has an ability to see the invisible in all Beings and create connection, magic, deep breaths and heart opening moments that are experienced within a country that embodies love as only a place named Mother India can.  A journey to India is always a mystical and enlightening experience. With Roxanna, the opportunities for magic are multiplied!”  – Nancy WM.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  -African Proverb




One Reply to “Retreats”

  1. Joining Roxanna’s group in 2015 was the perfect format for my first trip to India. It can be overwhelming, but Roxanna has a calm and steadying presence which is reassuring and makes for a comfortable experience. I was also looking for something that would be nice mix of tourist activities with spiritual time. Again, this was an excellent venue for me. For example, the Kundalini yoga in the afternoon was not my style, but the gentle / restorative yoga every morning was a lifesaver for this 63-year old body! And the opportunity to participte in spiritual / regligious ceremonies was a beautiful and memorable experience. I experienced a few distressing incidents during the trip, and I found Roxanna to be gentle and compassionate, but strong in her position to protect me and the group from negative energy. If you are considering a trip to India and you want a down-to-earth yet radiantly spiritual being to guide you in your own unfolding – do not hesitate, you will have the trip of a lifetime. I promise you.

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