Yin yoga slows things way down and brings me back to the fundamentals of yoga – each posture is held for several minutes and gives me an opportunity to stay in a deep meditative state while practicing.  I concentrate on my inhale and exhale, breathing oxygen to wherever sensation is felt.  I often keep my eyes closed the entire time, in order to go within and connect with my senses and my breath as well as give in to the deep stretching in my ligaments and joints.  After I practice Yin yoga, I float across the floor.  It evokes a blissful state of grace in me.

I love teaching Yin yoga and encouraging others to quiet their mind and relax in to the postures.  Each posture has a physical benefit to it as well as a calming effect on the nervous system and glandular system.

In one year of practicing yin yoga, I was able to achieve results with certain postures that had eluded me after 12 years of practicing hatha yoga consistently.  The deep stretching I allowed my body to relax into gave way to a more limber me.  Instead of firing my muscles in a vinyasa flow, and moving in quick, repetitive ways, my body lengthened and loosened, releasing years of stored tension and muscle memories.  A friend of mine, a runner in his late 50’s who had never practiced yoga before, began to practice Yin yoga with me once a week.  Several months later, at his annual physical, he discovered he had “grown” three quarters of an inch!  His body had become more limber and decompressed as a result of his practice.

Yin yoga can be done by all types of people at all different levels of experience and flexibility because you are relying on  your own body’s wisdom to let you know how far to go.  Sensation is good, but sharp pain should never be allowed and is a signal to back off of the posture.  For every Yin yoga posture, there are several modifications to reference so that all flexibility levels can be accommodated.

Roxanna has this calm, gentle way about her with a soothing  and peaceful voice that wraps you in comfort.  As a Yin Yoga Teacher, she brings awareness to your body, reassurance and modifications where needed and guides you with nuggets of wisdom along the way.”  ~Lee M.

I joined Roxanna’s online Yin Yoga class remotely from Colorado. Normally I don’t do online yoga classes, but I can’t resist Roxanna’s energy. Her personality is playful, yet so soothing and I can feel her honesty and authenticity.  It just feels good to be in her presence – even virtually. I will take classes with Roxanna every chance I get!” ~Julia H.

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