Rest, Restore and Renew – in Bali!

July 22-30, 2023

When I think about this offering to Bali, I think about resting: Being present in an environment that promotes deep relaxation and nourishment.

Staying in a private villa, nestled in the jungle, walking to a waterfall and splashing in its waters. Eating healthy food that has been lovingly prepared. Feasting your eyes on Beauty; from the purple sunsets, green terraced fields, and ornate water temples to the people of Indonesia.

I think about the invitation to drop in – both physical and spiritual. Deep stretches as we practice Yin Yoga on the outdoor yoga platform. The morning juice/water/coffee/tea station set up for replenishment.

To sit and BE as you sit in conversation by the infinity pool, or read a book or listen to bird song. Evening meditation with moon and stars overhead. Dropping in with local healers and partaking in body treatments.

Our villa is removed from the busy city of Ubud, but close enough for field trips – to see artisan crafts, make purchases and have a meal.

If you body has been calling to you, listen closely. Can you give yourself this gift?


$2,799 (based on shared occupancy) Register HERE

On the menu:

Yin Yoga in the Jungle Yoga Shala
Our own Private Villa
Beautiful Water Temples
Yin Yoga
Waterfall hikes outside our door

Shopping in Ubud

Free Day: choose between a free day at the beach, sunrise volcano outing or relax by the pool.

Many wonders are in store for you. 🙏🏼

One Reply to “Rest, Restore and Renew – in Bali!”

  1. Hi Roxanna,

    This sounds wonderful. I was in Bali many years ago, and it is truly a heavenly place.

    I won’t be joining you, but send blessings and good wishes for a refreshing retreat for all.



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