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Ode to a Dog

Ohhh this one hurts. Meditation dog.  Never sat down to meditate without my sidekick showing up.  Had her own sheepskin but she would usually crawl in to my lap midway through the set. A little too full-figured for a lap … Continue reading

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12 Do’s (and Don’ts!) Supporting a Friend Through Surgery

or… What I Learned Last Week Through Trial and Error I spent a chunk of last week caring for my dear friend Barbara after she had surgery.  I have never had surgery and really had no idea what to expect.  … Continue reading

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Go With The Flow…

Udaipur, November 2015. Traveling in Udaipur. Early morning breakfast. Nice looking man nods good morning and asks waiter for coffee “now”. Soon he is talking to the two men eating breakfast with their baby. A conversation starts up and the … Continue reading

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Lonely Hearts Club Band

Last year I wrote a post about how I always go within at this time of year – actually I wrote that 2 weeks ago too – hah.  Well, I guess it’s a theme for me.  But something is starting … Continue reading

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Kindness Matters

On Sunday, as I was going through security at DIA,  I saw a TSA agent help an elderly man who was struggling with his backpack.  It was a busy morning and people were rushing to empty their bins and put their shoes … Continue reading

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Grief Spiral

Grief isn’t linear.  It’s not a straight shot.  You don’t pass through locks in a canal, never to go back, chugging along to what…?  Before?  No.  A land where there is no pain?  No. I love the metaphor that grief … Continue reading

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True Confessions – Part 1

Every day I make a ‘to do’ list and I write: “blog post about India.” I usually get everything done on my list, except the blog post.  Why?  Well…I have a secret to share.  I am sharing this with the hope … Continue reading

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Escape to Reality

“Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself.” — Rumi Sometimes when a dream dies, it can feel like a death. A death of the self – an idea, a belief, or an identity…or all of the above. Our family has … Continue reading

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Change, Loss and Radical Forgiveness

First day of Spring today and even though I am looking out on a brown landscape and the air is chill, I can feel the pulse within.  My pale dry skin that covers me isn’t matching my steamy, pressure-cooker insides. … Continue reading

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Journey to India – a view behind the veil

I am so excited to announce that Nancy West McGuire and I have planned a women’s retreat to India.  There are many incredible events planned as we visit New Delhi, Varanasi and Rishikesh as well as daily yoga and meditation classes. … Continue reading

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