What people are saying about Roxanna:



“As a Vietnam veteran, and survivor of too many suicides by friends and family, Roxanna’s kind words bring me to tears of joy, that I, an imperfect human, can learn to love myself.” – Rick S.

“Roxanna has a profound capacity to support others through transitions and transformation and to see the jewels in the shadows and the potency in all the situations that life brings us.” – Laura W.

“When Roxanna leads a retreat she has a way of energetically holding the entire trip, every person and every detail with care. She gives space to the participants to allow them to go deep into the energy while knowing and feeling her calming presence. Roxanna has a unique gift of being completely present in each moment and still energetically holding the bigger experience and each participant. Roxanna leads with grace, authenticity, inspiration and a calming power. Her presence, leadership skills and ability to navigate are unparalleled.”  Melanie S.

“I have travelled to India twice with Roxanna. I love India. More than my pure love for India is the deeper transformational experience I have with Roxanna while there. Roxanna is a woman who holds the space of divinity through ritual, cultural immersion and her own highly attuned self in service to all that she touches. She has an ability to see the invisible in all Beings and create connection, magic, deep breaths and heart opening moments that are experienced within a country that embodies love as only a place named Mother India can.  A journey to India is always a mystical and enlightening experience. With Roxanna, the opportunities for magic are multiplied!”  Nancy WM.


What people are saying about LOVELUTION!

The first LOVELUTION! course launched in March, 2017 with over 100 people from around the world joining in.  Here’s what some of them had to say:

Roxanna, you have impacted not only my life, but all the people I care about and spend time with every day!  Beth L.

The simple practice steps – so simple and obvious, yet so often not done or overlooked in my life; and, the clear, concise, simple messages of what these practices mean for self love, why it is important, and how this benefits me and the people around me were most helpful.  Trevor B.

This class helped me over a hump from several weeks of negativity and stress to a place of feeling love and direction. It helped me remember what I am grateful for in my life and that it is OK to lighten up and love.  Renee G.