Love me some babies!

As a Montessori preschool teacher and pre/post natal yoga teacher, I am surrounded by mamas and children!  I am constantly in awe of moms here in the Bay Area; juggling busy lives, families and work, while simultaneously nurturing their bodies and babies.

Stretching the body, breathing intentionally and meditation are all ways to increase a sense of peace and awareness.  These are wonderful tools to support you post birth and your baby will also benefit from your practice, as they are still so connected to you energetically.

As a facilitator, I enjoy introducing parenting topics and connecting mamas to spark deeper conversations and meaningful friendships.  I was the mama in the room who didn’t always think parenting an infant was all hearts and rainbows and sometimes I felt that I was the only one struggling! Our outdoor classes have been a wonderful way to connect Mamas and their babies to form supportive community for each other.

I’m thrilled to partner with a former prenatal yoga student, Tiffany Gupta, in creating Mama.Yoga.Life, an online community of mamas and offer our outdoor classes we hold weekly in Walnut Creek. Join us!

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