Pop-Up Yin Yoga


Join me Monday, March 9, 2020, for a pop-up Yin Yoga class on the first of 2020’s super full moons. During our 90 minutes together, I will guide you in a gentle yin practice and end with a relaxing guided meditation in deep savasana. 

WHERE:  584 Glenside Drive, Lafayette, CA

WHEN:  Monday, March 9, 2020  6 – 7:30pm

PRICE:  The class is $20 ($5 off if you refer a friend!)   Purchase tickets HERE.

WHAT TO BRING:  Please bring a yoga mat, yoga belt, blanket, pillow, eye mask – anything to help you fully relax into these nourishing postures.

Yin yoga slows things down and brings one back to the fundamentals of yoga – each posture is held for several minutes and gives you an opportunity to stay in a deep meditative state while practicing. I support you to concentrate on your inhale and exhale, breathing oxygen to wherever sensation is felt. In yin, you’re invited to practice with your eyes closed, in order to go within and connect with your senses and your breath as well as surrender to the deep stretching in your ligaments and joints.

After you practice Yin yoga, you will float across the floor!

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