Join Roxanna Kopp Smith for a nourishing day to replenish and support you:
Body, Mind, and Soul.

When:  Saturday, May 9, 2020
Time:  10am – 5pm
Price:  $350

Scholarship plans available.  Please contact Roxanna to Register or for more information.

In a safe circle of women, we will:

  • Share our stories in small and large groups
  • Discuss the challenges, gifts, and teachings that cancer has brought us
  • Engage in mindfulness practices and reflective writing
  • Explore creative expression
  • Spend time in nature
  • Celebrate life and our own resilience and radiance

Note:  Maximum group size of 20

We welcome women who are are in cancer treatment, recovery, or with no evidence of disease.

We welcome, honor, and understand the range of feelings that cancer brings.
We are inspired to create supportive and enlivening spaces for women to share and explore the transformative qualities of cancer.
We look forward to sharing this special day with you. 

Roxanna Kopp Smith, MA, is a grief counselor, group facilitator, retreat leader and yoga & meditation teacher. With over two decades of experience facilitating groups, Roxanna’s passion for working with others, creating heart-opening experiences, and her dedication to sharing her knowledge, make the retreats and workshops she leads powerful invitations for transformation.
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