LOVELUTION!:  A beautiful and quick shift from simply existing to loving oneself completely and totally – radically impacting all areas of your life, rippling out to others.  When we send out that high love vibe, it’s only natural that it comes back to us.  We’ll start by focusing that vibration on ourselves.


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A Journey into Love, Opening the Heart to You


LOVELUTION! is coming live and in person to the West Coast this Fall!  I’ll be taking it on the road from Vancouver to Baja and coming to a town near you.  My traveling companion is my 15 year old son and I’ll be posting all along the way about our experience and sharing all the ways I will be practicing self-care and self-love as we navigate mother/son adventures in a van!  You can follow our blog,  and keep up with me on the LOVELUTION! Instagram and  Facebook page.

There are LOTS of ways to stay connected with me – all the social media channels will be updated with my travel itinerary.  My intention is to meet people and connect with them from the heart, recruiting LOVELUTIONARIES! all along the West Coast.  I’ll be documenting the journey and sharing it with you.

Want MORE time with me?  Here are some ways to get that:

  • Coming to a town near YOU!  Do you live on the West Coast?  Would you like to host a Self-Care Salon* at your home?  I would love to spend a few hours speaking with you and your friends about how to love and care for yourselves, looking at some of the beliefs that get in the way of putting yourself first, and sharing simple and easy ways to start shifting them immediately.
  • My 90 Minute Reset:  This is a quick, focused method where we work on an issue or life-long pattern that’s challenging you in a highly concentrated way.  I’ll be doing these on the road via Skype.  This is a real game changer folks!
  • Stay tuned for Pop-Up Retreats that will develop as I am traveling.  I’ll give you advanced notice and if you’re in the area, please join us!

As always, I want to hear from you!  If you would like to connect with me personally, feel free to email me.


*In a Self Care Salon You will:

  • Open your heart
  • Have a relationship with yourself
  • Fall in love – with you!
  • Practice keeping your heart open (no matter what)

We will:

  • Break down self love, all parts of it.  Going on an excavation of the Self.
  • Discover how the practice of self-care helps you develop more self-love.
  • Learn how to keep your heart open, even when times are hard.
  • Explore your vulnerability and learn how that is KEY to healing your heart and having more intimacy with others.
  • Practice these skills in our private Facebook Group.


The first LOVELUTION! course launched in March, 2017 with over 100 people from around the world joining in.  Here’s what some of them had to say:

Roxanna, you have impacted not only my life, but all the people I care about and spend time with every day!  Beth L.

The simple practice steps – so simple and obvious, yet so often not done or overlooked in my life; and, the clear, concise, simple messages of what these practices mean for self love, why it is important, and how this benefits me and the people around me were most helpful.  Trevor B.

This class helped me over a hump from several weeks of negativity and stress to a place of feeling love and direction. It helped me remember what I am grateful for in my life and that it is OK to lighten up and love.  Renee G.