Work with Me


Why me?

I love facilitating transformation and heart-opening in others!  It is my greatest joy.   I love looking at “problems” creatively and strive to bring unconditional love and humor to all situations.

Whatever you are experiencing in your life right now:  Change, Loss, Stress, Anxiety, Parenting challenges, Relationship issues, Divorce, Addiction, Fear – nothing is off limits.  I hold the belief that all experiences are powerful invitations to live and love more fully.

These programs nurture and nourish you on all levels, from the bottom up, and from the inside out!

Roxanna has a profound capacity to support others through transitions and transformation and to see the jewels in the shadows and the potency in all the situations that life brings us. ~Laura W.

90 Minute Re-Set

(in-person or online)

The Re-Set is one of my most effective offerings. It’s a quick, focused method where we work in a highly concentrated way on an issue or life-long pattern that’s challenging you. No matter what you are bringing to the table, I promise you that when we shine enough light and energy on it, and activate it with self-love, you will experience a change.  This is a game changer! And did I mention it’s fast?  😉

I share practical tools with you so that you get fast results and feel the impact of our time together during just one session.   Before our call, you will receive an in-depth questionnaire which I use to prioritize our time together.  We’ll take the full 90 minutes to jump right in and love up whatever needs attention.  You will feel the energy shift immediately!

In just 90 minutes, you will experience clarity, heart-opening and direction.  You will walk away from this session feeling MORE love and compassion for yourself and ready to radiate that out into your world.  I will give you practical, hands-on tools (and homework!) to use in your daily life.  Get ready to see the shift in your outlook and experience changes in your life!

The cost of the 90 Minute Re-Set is $225.   Register HERE.

“The 90 Minute Re-Set helped me over a hump from several weeks of negativity and stress to a place of feeling love and direction. It helped me remember what I am grateful for in my life and that it is OK to lighten up and love.” –  Renee G.

Cellular Reboot

When something’s not working with your computer, common advice is to shut it off and restart it.  If something’s not working smoothly in your life:  Unplug, Find Stillness, Nurture, Nourish, and Reboot.  A cellular reboot takes the weary mind, body and heart and breathes fresh energy, life and love into every cell!  Before we meet, you will receive an in-depth questionnaire which I use to design our time together.  This is a very intimate retreat with one-on-one time with me.  Our time is holistic in nature; focusing on the body, mind and soul.  Daily meditation & yoga, organic food, emotional support and therapeutic practices developed uniquely for you are included in our time together.

Come solo, bring your partner or gather a few of your best friends and gift yourself with a Cellular Reboot – on all levels.

We meet in the beautiful mountains of Santa Cruz at the Chaminade Resort & Spa.  Give yourself the ultimate gift of self-care by indulging in delicious and nutritious food, movement, wellness (yoga & meditation), spa treatments, thoughtful exercises and conversation, reflection, laughter and joy!  We must make time for play!  And plenty of Vitamin Sea.

After the retreat, you will receive a highly personalized “prescription” instructing you how to integrate your lessons learned  and apply them directly to your daily life.  You will go home with the 4 R’s –  Restored, Refreshed, and Ready to Re-join your life!

Contact Roxanna  for more information about pricing & creating your own Cellular Reboot.

“Roxanna, you have impacted not only my life, but all the people I care about and spend time with every day!”  – Beth L.







One Reply to “Work with Me”

  1. Precious. Authentic. Generous.

    Thank for sharing this with us Roxanna!

    Honored to more deeply meet the contribution that Life is having you be.

    Blessings and thanks. So glad that you are!

    -david (dasha & bodhi)

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