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The Art of Life is all about Living well and Loving well.  When you work with me, you will learn about self-love and some of the emotions/beliefs that get in the way of loving yourself unconditionally.   I’ll share tools with you that support you in keeping your heart open and techniques to guide you in opening the heart even more. I will support you to do deep, intentional work for a more meaningful life.  There is so much buzz on the internet about “self-love” but the true definition and practice of it can often feel elusive and confusing.  Our culture teaches us to look outside of ourselves for the “quick fix” to feel better.  The bad news is there is no external solution to feeling comfortable within our own skin.  The GOOD NEWS is that we can start any time, any where, right now and begin to love ourselves, by going within.  My work is concentrated to go deep quickly and facilitate you in having a beautiful and quick shift from simply existing to loving yourself completely and totally – radically impacting all areas of your life, rippling out to others.  When we send out that high love vibe, it’s only natural that it comes back to us.  We’ll start by focusing that vibration on ourselves.


Roxanna has a profound capacity to support others through transitions and transformation and to see the jewels in the shadows and the potency in all the situations that life brings us. – Laura W.

Roxanna, you have impacted not only my life, but all the people I care about and spend time with every day!  – Beth L.

Roxanna is a wise and gifted healer and soul! Her gentle guiding voice, compassion and beautiful heart are a pure gift that she shares to help others find their true light and love of their own special self! – Rebecca N.

90 Minute Re-Set

This is a mini LOVELUTION!  just for you! (done on ZOOM)

The Re-Set is one of my most effective offerings. It’s a quick, focused method where we work on an issue or life-long pattern that’s challenging you in a highly concentrated way.  No matter what you are bringing to the table, I promise you that when we shine enough love and energy on it, and activate it with self-love,  you will experience a change.  This is a game changer! And did I mention it’s fast?  😉

I share practical tools with you so that you get fast results and feel the impact of our time together during just one session.   Before our call, you will receive an in-depth questionnaire which I use to prioritize our time together.  We’ll take the full 90 minutes to jump right in and love up whatever needs attention.  You will feel the energy shift immediately!

In just 90 minutes you will experience clarity, heart-opening and direction.  You will walk away from this session feeling MORE love and compassion for yourself and ready to radiate that out into your world.  I will give you practical, hands on tools (and homework!) to use in your daily life.  You will notice the shift in your outlook and see changes in your life – guaranteed!

The cost of the 90 Minute Re-Set is $225.   Register HERE.

Cellular Reboot

3 days to reboot your life – from the inside out!  Come solo, bring your partner or gather your besties and gift yourself with a Cellular Reboot – on all levels.  This is a very intimate retreat with one-on-one time with me:  which means my undivided attention is on YOU.

This program nurtures and nourishes you on all levels, in all chakras, from the bottom up, from the inside out!   A cellular reboot takes the weary mind, body and heart and breathes fresh energy, life and love into every cell.  Before we meet, you will receive an in-depth questionnaire which I use to structure our time together.

Give yourself the ultimate gift of self-care by indulging in delicious and nutritious food, movement, wellness (yoga & meditation), spa treatments, thoughtful exercises and conversation, reflection, laughter and joy!  You will experience joyful exploration of keeping the heart open and practicing daily gratitude.   You will leave nurtured, refreshed and knowing concretely what self-love looks and feels like.  Each person leaves with a highly personalized “prescription” modeling how to apply your individual tools in your daily life.

Contact Roxanna  for more information about creating your own Cellular Reboot.


Counseling:  Sessions are one hour and held either in person, or by phone/Skype.  In these sessions you will be able to share your experience as well as receive helpful concrete tips and tools for getting through the rough patches.  In some cases, there is also weekly email communication with reading materials and suggestions for (optional) homework.

Meditation:  Sessions are one hour and held either in person, or by phone/Skype. Includes an opening ritual, meditation, discussion and closing. The entire hour is recorded for you to have and re-listen to. A short questionnaire is emailed out ahead of time to determine what meditation style will best suit you.

I have created personalized meditations for people of all ages.  People have asked for help with anxiety, insomnia, nervous system relaxation, birth preparation, PTSD symptoms and grief support.

Meditation Package:   4 sessions; once a week.  This includes all the services above as well as email check-ins between our sessions. This not only offers more access to me, it is also more cost-effective.

Ritual:  I believe that any gathering is magnified and benefitted by setting intention, creating a beautiful atmosphere, and holding space for that which is being called forth.  This is one of my gifts.  I will work with you to create a beautiful space and hold intentional healing space for you.

Private Retreat:  My private retreats are holisitic in nature; focusing on the body, mind and soul.  Whether you have experienced a life-changing diagnosis, a death of a loved one or a loss that leaves you tender – such as divorce – traumatic change can be greatly helped by support and love. Loss can be a powerful teacher informing us how to live and love.   Daily meditation & yoga, organic food, emotional support and therapeutic practices developed uniquely for you are included in our time together.

In Boulder, CO or a beautiful destination of your choice, we will co-design a retreat that supports change and growth in the key areas of your life that you identify.

Group Retreats:  Studies have shown that a group has the power to magnify growth & healing exponentially.  My group retreats are held in beautiful spots that invite one to relax and restore.  Retreats are holistic in nature; focusing on the body, mind and soul.  Each retreat is different in its focus but all of them are invitations to step into relationship more intimately with yourself and others in a safe and loving environment.

Contact Roxanna






One Response to Work with Me

  1. David Gaian says:

    Precious. Authentic. Generous.

    Thank for sharing this with us Roxanna!

    Honored to more deeply meet the contribution that Life is having you be.

    Blessings and thanks. So glad that you are!

    -david (dasha & bodhi)

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