India 2020

Join me this December in India!

In India, one can experience the gamut: giddy laughter, loving kindness from strangers, heart connection, unexpected friendships, communion with cows, encounters with monkeys, blaring horns, sublime sunsets.

There are 2 trips to choose from:






or do both!

Enlightened India, 2020 is a beautiful, spiritual, heart-opening, life-changing Deep Dive.  We stay in Rishikesh for 10 nights and have curated an experience that delivers daily opportunities to connect deeply to your Self and others; giving you plenty of time to nurture and restore with yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Group activities as well as time on the Ganges, swimming in waterfalls, hiking in the foothills of the Himalayas. Satsang with living saints. Stillness.  For all the details, including itinerary and pricing, click HERE.

If Rishikesh is a Deep Dive, then Royal Rajasthan is a Flirty Frolic!  Rajasthan is a ride on the sands of time.  History thousands of years in the making, birthplace of the Indus civilization, a rise and fall of empires, spectacular forts, Heritage hotels, luxury and beauty, intricate textiles, inlay & paintings, tigers, camel rides, oasis star gazing, a kaleidoscope of colors.  9 amazing nights in this land of kings.  For all the details including itinerary and pricing, click HERE.