31 Days of Presence


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This December, increase your Self Care and Self Love so that you can be healthier, happier and have an intentional holiday season.  Join me for 31 Days of Presence: A FREE month-long offering that delivers guided meditations, teachings and resources right to your in-box. This has been created just for you and will be heart opening and nourishing.

When all our reptilian instincts are telling us to stay in and hibernate, our culture is inviting us to “Eat, Drink & Be Merry.”  When the days are getting shorter and it feels good to snuggle up to a fire and a good book, society is giving us the messages to go out every night and celebrate until sunrise, shop till you drop, and eat and drink all the things that you spend the rest of the year avoiding because they aren’t healthy.  This can also be a lonely time for folks who watch the Hallmark holiday movies and compare themselves to the picture perfect lives on the screen.

31 Days of Presence is an invitation for you to turn inwards, to your soul sanctuary, and create a conscious, caring respite space for yourself during this often busy month.  Each week focuses on a different theme:

  • BODY BASICS   (as in ‘duh’ I knew this already, but sometimes we forget!)
  • LETS GET PHYSICAL   (I like to move it move it)
  • NOURISH THE SOUL   (don’t forget your beautiful soul)
  • PRESENCE vs. PRESENTS   (be here now)

You will be guided through each theme with weekly meditations, journal prompts, live Q & A conversations on Facebook, tips and tools for maximizing self care, and a resource list to support you if you would like to go deeper.

I know things get busy at this time of year and the intention of this offering is to make it easeful, nurturing, thought provoking and useful.  You can join on the first of the month or the last day of the month, all the material is FREE and offered from the heart.  It is my joy to share this with you all!

Ready to Receive?  Click here to join!

Wishing you all much love and light this December,


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