About Roxanna

I am a wife, mother, teacher of Kundalini yoga and meditation, and Reiki healer.  I also have an MA in Psychology.  Over the course of my life, I have been touched by birth and death and am fascinated by the potency of these portals.  I am attracted to the mystery and am sensitive to times in life when the “veils are thin” between the known world and the spirit realm.  I would consider myself a mystic and I resonate with earth-based spirituality.

I currently co-facilitate groups for the newly bereaved and sit vigil for people who are actively dying.  I find great joy and meaning in supporting people through times of sorrow and uncertainty, trusting that they will find their path, but shining a flashlight for them if needed.

I am honored and privileged to be in relationship with my husband and our children as well as the cast of characters that make up my life.  How can I serve you?

“In the final weeks of my husband’s death, Roxanna was able to do reiki on my husband and help him in his dying process. She was calm, centered, nurturing, soothing, present, loving and to sum it up in one word an angel. My husband’s angel. I am forever indebted to Roxanna, because I know in part, because of her presence and her touch, that she helped my husband have a peaceful death. She can hold the intention and space of those she is working on like nobody I’ve ever experienced. She is a natural and anyone would be blessed to have the touch of her loving hands and her beautiful heart.”

Nancy Gentry

Video conceived and created by Kirsten Boyer at Kirsten Boyer Photography,  Song “Heal Me” appears courtesy of Nirinjan Kaur

5 Responses to About Roxanna

  1. Gina says:

    This is so beautiful!

  2. scott "chipmonk" ibbs says:

    hi lightworker… so i finally get to hear your voice again… lovely journey for you to be on… keep passing on the light blessings

  3. Nice! Your light does shine!

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